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  • Seminar of Tencarola - A private and intimate "tu per tu" with a skeleton of the past takes us into the greyer and more hidden meanders and corridors of the province of Padua. Location The Seminary is located in via Monte Grappa in Tencarola in the province of Padua. The access is easily accessible… Read More
  • Stock Exchange Hospital - This could be one of the best attractions in this small city located on the north from Moscow. Though happened what happened and it stays abandoned now. Location Exact address: Burlatskaya, 25. Rybinsk, Russia (located in 4-5 hours from Moscow). It is easy to get there from the city center… Read More
  • Ship Cemetery in Teriberka - One of the only villages by the North Arctic Ocean, whee tourists can come - Teriberka. One of the only places in Russia where people come not just to see sights, but as well to see abandoned places. Of course Stalker couldn't miss that opportunity - take a look on… Read More
  • Abandoned School in Teriberka - All Moscovites come here, in the small village Teriberka, to see all abandoned - people, roades, buildings, lifes. In Moscow there is another life, then here, on the edge of the world. Location This abandoned school is located in Teriberka, Murmansk region. It is easy to get in and out -… Read More
  • Greenhouse “Winter Garden” - Before there was official quarantine in Crimea, we flew there and immediately took a car to see an old dream - greenhouse "Winter Garden". Location Greenhouse is located in the city Partenit, on the territory of military sanatorium "Crimea". In normal times you can get inside trhough the normal entrance… Read More
  • Catacombs of Paris – Illegal Entry - Paris, the capital of love, at least on the surface... Introduction Entry to the catacombs is restricted. The part open to the public is only a small part of a vast network of tunnels that extends for about 280 kilometers. The tunnel system is complex, and although some tunnels have… Read More
  • Catacombs of Paris – Museum - If the skull is facing the wall, it means that the person has committed sins in life, and therefore will go to hell. Position The Catacombs of Paris are an underground ossuary whose official name is "Ossuaire Municipal". They are located near Place Denfert-Rochereau, in the 14th arrondissement, on 1… Read More
  • Villa Bela Kiss - The dwelling remained empty for quite some time; it brings back the tragic story of bloody and ruthless murder. Location The villa is located on the border with the region of Île-de-France and Val-d'Oise, in a beautiful country village.   History In 1907 a Mr. "F" built this beautiful stone… Read More
  • Villa Persi French - Somewhere far-far in Uljanovsk there is a manor house full of secrets. Who lived here before, why they left, and who is now the invisible master of it?.. Location Villa Persi French is located in 100km far from Uljanovsk, Russia, in the village Terenga. It is easily accessible, there are… Read More
  • Castle of mirrors - All of a sudden the silence becomes deeper, and from one of the smooth ash-white walls comes out a red cast of a face. Location The abandoned castle is located not far from the border with the Île-de-France region. Entering the property and the interior of the villa is quite… Read More
  • The Human Zoo - A zoo of the past, where to be locked up in cages were not animals but people in the flesh. Location The zoo is located in the southeast corner of the Vincennes Park in Paris. Access is free. History Initially, in 1899, the garden was built with the intention of… Read More
  • Sanatorium d’Aincourt - Bang, boom, pew! Pew, pew...boom! Watch out, grenade! Enemy sighted in the distance! Location The sanatorium is located in Aincourt. Aincourt is a French municipality located in the department of Val-d'Oise in the region of Île-de-France. Access can easily be made through a gap in the network next to the… Read More
  • Santa Pulcheria - Exhumed from the Priscilla catacombs, the relics of an Empress of the Orient still lie intact inside this abandoned villa. Position The Villa is located in Mogliano Veneto. History The clients of the villa are not known. In 1700 it belonged to the Peruzzi family, then passed to the Coletti… Read More
  • Mannequin Palace - Swimming in mud, in the past of Battaglia, dried up, reclaimed, renamed and then abandoned. Position The former INPS spa is located near the Battaglia Terme canal in the "ex INPS Pietro d'Abano" park. History Having drained and reclaimed the swampy areas, the town concentrated on the opportunity to make… Read More
  • Vorkutlag - For several months I dreamed about visiting Vorkuta and seeing what it is like to live in the Arctic Circle, where you can't get by car as there are no roads. And here I am, in the city of my dreams, which lives the same life as it did 50… Read More
  • Prison Upside Down - As if there had just been a mass exodus of prisoners, I suddenly come catapulted and thrown behind bars, deeper and deeper into the meanders of the prison. Position The prison is an hour's train ride from Paris. There is no guardian, just come in! History The prison was built… Read More
  • Fairytale in Disrepair - A parallel world full of hallucinations, magic and fairy tales. We found it, just 80 km from Moscow. Good characters always win in fairy tales, and who will win in this history? Position The camp is located in Dmitrovsky district, near the village of Gorki, in the urban settlement of… Read More
  • Villa of Killer Noblewoman - Sighs and whispers touch our ears. Soft and icy winds lean gently and at the same time vigorously on the neck, as if they were a knife sinking in butter. Position The abandoned villa is located in the Polesine, Italy. History One of the Renaissance villas inherited from the Venetian… Read More
  • Abandoned Tula Region: Guide - I never ever looked to Tula region as on interesting place where I should go. For me Tula was always connected just with pryaniki (Russian gingerbread cookies) or samovar (kettle for tea). This summer my mind changed and I opened out how much interesting and various this region can be.… Read More
  • Fresco Church - The same as previous church, this one is a real miracle in the middle of nowhere. Let's join us to see! Position The church is located in the Denisovo village, Tula Region. There is not even a fence and no security, and there is even a staircase, set up to… Read More
  • Abandoned Cross - For me abandoned churches or mosques are always a big surprise. How did it happen that these religious places suddenly became useless to anyone? .. We will search for an answer together! Position Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located in the village of Telyakovo, 60… Read More
  • Theological Agricultural College - It is very hard to find in Russia some good abandoned places, that's why when I saw in one Instagram account abandoned college in a good condition - I immediately turned on the engine of my car and here I am - in front of an ex-branch of RUDN University… Read More
  • Khasi Heritage Village - A sacred forest wrapped in the mystery and legends of the Khasi population. A magical forest that envelops, swallows and hides from the eyes of ordinary tourists. Position The semi-abandoned village is located not far from the sacred forest of Lawkyntang, near Mawphlang. Access is free to anyone. History Once… Read More
  • Typical Assamese House - Wandering around Guwahati, and walking along the shore of one of the largest rivers in Asia, to my surprise I happen near a temple that at first sight seems very special and completely non-touristy. Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7tq8O-YyqU&t=8s Position The abandoned house is located in the northern part of Guwahati, next to… Read More
  • Parampura Garden - After being attacked by a great uneasiness due to my first contact with India, I decide to stop at an OYO hotel in the Chhasttisgarh capital. Position The abandoned / restored hotel is located within the garden of the OYO "Parampura Garden" hotel. Whether you are a guest or not,… Read More
  • Dubar Square - When darkness comes over the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, I start exploring the latter through alleys and narrow streets and then come to the epicenter of where the earthquake started years ago. Position Very simple, Piazza Durbar located in front of the old Royal Palace is one of the three… Read More
  • Swayambu Hill - Another day in Nepal takes us to the Swayambu hill, from which I will have the opportunity to enjoy a good overview of Kathmandu. Position The abandoned building is located on the Swayambu hill, on one of the slopes along the Budhhabihar. The building is completely closed and can only… Read More
  • Pillar of Mahendra - Wandering in the less touristy part of the religious site of Lumbini I find myself in front of a bitten and grabbed pillar of the grass. Position The Mahendra pillar is located south of the Lumbini site. You will find it marked in the application of Maps.me as Mahendra Pillar.… Read More
  • Sinking Belltower - It was lovely end of July when in Russia finally came summer and I decided to explore some small cities nearby Moscow. It was this belltower that I always wanted to visit and so it was decided to make my dreams come true. Position Belltower is located in Kalyazin, small… Read More
  • Abandoned Princess - Feel yourself as a prince(-ss) and come to this old abandoned castle located not far from Rurikovo station. When night comes down you can hear again some classical music and the rustling of a ball gown... Location An abandoned Gothic-style Manor is located near Aleksin city - in the small… Read More
  • Next Stop is Mine - This place was built at the beginning of 20-th century to receive high-ranking guests. Today instead there are just two of us here - me and my best friend Natasha. Always ready to explore some beauties hidden between Russian villages. Position Abandoned train station Rurikovo ("Рюриково") is located in Tula… Read More
  • Miracle in the Nowhere - In Russia it is quite hard to find a good abandoned place. Usually all of them represent a piece of shit in the middle and broken windows. Though this time we were lucky to find a real miracle in the middle of nowhere! Position This abandoned swimming-pool you can find… Read More
  • Abandoned Trulli - Here we are back in Italy, trying to catch last summer days, eating Focaccia, and drinking vine all days long. This time we will go south and visit the region of Puglia and its famous traditional houses called "trulli". Position These abandoned houses I found in the countryside of Castellana… Read More
  • Abkhazia: One Shot and Go - Here are several shots of abandoned places that I managed to capture on my journey through the beautiful Abkhazian land. No footprints, no history. Read More
  • Abkhazia Diary: Abandoned Train Stations - Here is a roundup of different, but not less important, pictures of abandoned train stations scattered a little bit everywhere in Abkhazia.   Read More
  • Tkvarcheli Thermoelectric Plant - On the way back to the sea, I decide to stop for a couple of hours at the Tkvarcheli thermoelectric plant.  Position  The thermoelectric plant is on the right of the road coming from Ochamchire, just before passing the bridge that leads to Tkvarcheli.  Guarding the plant, despite being abandoned,… Read More
  • Ghost Town of Akarmara - Finally, after hundreds of abandoned places, I managed to reach my final destination: Akarmara.  Position The abandoned city is located right in Akarmara, about thirty minutes away by car from Tkvarcheli, in the mountains of Abkhazia.  History Akarmara was once a lively mining town built for coal mining by German… Read More
  • Ochamchira Ghost Town - In search of the abandoned Ferris wheel in Ochamchira, I stop the night for an exploratory tour of the city the next day.  Position  The abandoned places that I will go to describe are scattered a little 'everywhere for the city of Ochamchira, located in the East of Abkhazia.  Description… Read More
  • Hidden Side of Sokhumi - After the train station, it was as if I had entered in a snowball: one after the other the abandoned places appeared from the ground like mushrooms. Position The abandoned places that I will describe below are scattered in different areas throughout Sokhumi.  The entry for each of them is… Read More
  • Pivot Point - Here I am arriving in the capital of Abkhazia, completely exhausted, after an endless hitching ride and with the heat that hits my head. Position The Sokhumi train station is well known to everyone. A few kilometers from the center, and easily accessible. After passing the myriad of taxis that… Read More
  • Nemunas Sanatorium - I wanted to come to Druskininkai just to see its famous Grūtas Park with lots of sculptures left from Soviet-era, but then when I saw the price of entry-ticket (7 euro), I deciced that I can see that for free everywhere in Russia. So my new plan was to explore… Read More
  • Mysterious Station of Psyrtskha - The clear water, almost bright blue at certain points, flows down through a stream that starts from the mountains and drops it through a waterfall in the lake. The train station, almost as if floating in water, gives off something mysterious. Position The abandoned Psyrtskha train station is located in… Read More
  • One Way to Iceland - Somewhere in far Iceland on the seashore an old plane found its rest. It has been lying there for 40 years and only gulls and waves know his most intimate secrets. Position The abandoned plane DC-3 is located in Iceland, on the Sólheimasandur Beach, not far from one of the most… Read More
  • Elektrenai Amusement Park - Once this place used to be the biggest and oldest amusement park in Lithuania, now this place is still popular among people and families, despite the fact that it is abandoned. Position Switching between Asia and Europe, Abkhazia and Lithuania, now we are back to the last one. Heading from… Read More
  • Sailors Sanatorium - A paradise immersed in the nature. A SPA of the past, organized to bring maximum of well-being to the body and mind of the patient being treated. Position The sanatorium is located in Gagra, not far from the cave of Svyatogo Ipatiya. Before reaching the cave (which I do not… Read More
  • East in Gagra - The eyes work like a radar, and in the vicinity they sight another abandoned place that appears to be different from the others. Position The building is located not far from the Zimniy theater, and always on the same side of the street. To access it you will need to… Read More
  • Belorussian Part of Chernobyl Zone - On April, 6th, Belarus opened its part of Chernobyl Zone, and of course Stalker wanted to be one of the first who gonna visit it. To see the differences with Ukrainian one, feel the unique atmosphere (before the Zone was closed for 33 years!), and do some photos, here were… Read More
  • Zimniy Theater - First day in Abkhazia, first time hitchhiking, first place abandoned. Position The Zimniy theater is located opposite the tourist attraction of the "Kolonnada", on the other side of the road. Its building stands on Primorsky Boulevard, a few steps from the Black Sea. History Gagra Cinema (Winter Theater) is one… Read More
  • Lopatinsky Mine - While in Italy the flowers have already appeared for quite a while, a group of young stalkers ventures into the middle of a snowstorm, in the depths of the Russian forest in search of the abandoned phosphorus mine. Position The Lopatinsky mine is located 90 km south-east of Moscow. It… Read More
  • Behind Trakai Castle - Everyone comes to Trakai Island to see its beautiful medieval castle of 14th century, and I was one of them who came here. While going around the lake towards the main attraction my poor eyesight suddenly catches something special - an abandoned villa. And here real adventures start... Position Abandoned… Read More