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Storm in a Teacup

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  • The Capuchin nunnery - A treasure trove of art, traditions, textile craftsmanship and popular faith, and a testimony to this country town's privileged link with Venice. Video Position The convent is located in a town famous for a fine Christmas cake, in the province of Verona. Entrance: climbing over a wall at the side… Read More
  • Soviet Hotel Amanauz - In Caucasus there is one of the most famous in Russia ski resort - Dombay. People spend here thousands of rubles. As a monument of Soviet architecture here stays abandoned hotel Amanauz. Location Hotel stays just in the center of the village Dombay. Directly in front of lifts. Everything is… Read More
  • The bride’s home - Tears enveloped the tender face of the bride in white as she abandoned the altar of roses and her pile of robes to the ravages of time. Location The little house is immersed in the woods of the Euganean Hills regional park. Entrance: from the road through the gate. Description… Read More
  • Villa of Reminiscence - The past forcefully surviving in the present. Video Location The Villa is located in an Italian municipality in the metropolitan city of Venice in the Veneto region. Access: easy. Access is through the bars of a gate or from the back along a stretch in the middle of fields. The… Read More
  • Hidden Parts of Submarine Museum - Everyone one today knows about Former underground submarine base in Balaklava, or Object 825 GTS (GTS or City Telephone Station - it's secret name in the times of Cold War). Though not many people even locals know about some abandoned parts of this place, hidden somewhere near. Position There are… Read More
  • Coastal Battery Drapushko - We continue to discover underground Sevastopol, this time we will visit one of the coastal batteries. Position Battery No. 19 is located in Balaclava (ex-independent city, today one of the areas of Sevastopol), Russia. It is easily accessed, and even indicated on the map. History  The battery was built from… Read More
  • Tskaltubo - Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to rest and leisure. The right to rest and leisure is ensured by the reduction of the working day to seven hours for the overwhelming majority of the workers, the institution of annual vacations with full pay for workers and employees and the… Read More
  • Ghost Town of Poggioreale - The emptiness and desolation that only an earthquake can bring... Location The town of Poggioreale is located about 60 km by car from the capital of Palermo. There are no regular train or bus connections to the village and therefore it is necessary to rent a car or a cab… Read More
  • Owl Restaurant - In the sleepless and stormy night two round, yellow eyes wait silently for the arrival of the savior. Video Location The restaurant is located in the countryside of Ferrara, between the city of Ferrara and Bologna. Access: through a hole in the front door of the building. History Before becoming… Read More
  • General’s Villa - In this house where he was born lived days of serene affection GEN. Mariano B., distinguished archaeologist. Video Location The villa is located in the countryside of Ferrara, between the city of Ferrara and Bologna. Access: easy. History What little we know concerns the soldiers of the general's hometown who,… Read More
  • Room of Dreams - In life there is no place sadder than an empty bed. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez) Video Location The villa is located in the Emilian countryside, halfway between Ferrara and Bologna. History & Description The villa probably dates back to the nineteenth century, at that time divided into a manor and one… Read More
  • Old Aerodrome - Abandoned planes with no history and no name. Video Position There are two aerodromes on the mountain Klementyev. This one is located closer to "Starfall of Memories". It is fenced and guarded. Though when we were there, it was used by parachutists, who were jumping from the plane. That's why… Read More
  • Tesla Towers - This place was supposed to become a center of Russian science. Here could be made one lightning compared to all power plants in the country. Though how it is now? Completely abandoned. Position Tesla Towers are located in Istra Region, not far from Moscow. The place is guarded, and to… Read More
  • Tattoo Artist’s House - Tattooing as an eternal artistic product and the tattoo artist the ephemeral part. Video Position The abandoned cottage is located on the slopes of the Euganean Hills, in an area where the abandonment of villas abounds. The entrance can be made by crossing a garden and then sneaking in through… Read More
  • House of the Muslim - A division between the sacred (the abandoned place) and the profane (the society). Only certain individuals, endowed with a certain knowledge and therefore charged with a certain energy, can cross this threshold. Position The abandoned house is located on the Strada della Romagna which connects Pesaro to Cattolica. You can… Read More
  • Phantom Seaplanes - Swallowed by the darkness and the waters of Lake Trasimeno we end up catapulted into its meanders and winding paths. Video Location The former military school for seaplane pilots is located in Passignano, behind the train station. To enter it you will have to climb over gates, nets and if… Read More
  • Storm in a Teacup - How to create a storm in a teacup? In Crimea they knew the answer! Location Storm pool is located in Katsiveli, Crimea. It is illegal to get in, and there is a guardian on the territory of the park, where the building is located. The pool itself is under the… Read More
  • Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel - In the mountains of Indonesia there are some disturbing stories about a haunted and cursed hotel... Location The building is located in Bali (Indonesia) about 50 km from Kuta, in the center of the island. The hotel is at the foot of Mount Batukaru, on the road from Bedugul to… Read More
  • Devotee’s villa - For you, Oh my God, I renounce the house and all my material possessions. Show me the door to heaven! Video Location The villa is located in the metropolitan area of Venice. To enter you will have to pay attention to the neighbors on the opposite side of the street… Read More
  • Left for dead – Chapter Prism - Hordes of zombies, apocalypse, end of the world? Breathe the trumpets, and off to the fight for survival. Video Location The abandoned mall is located 35 km from Rovigo, in the delta of the river Po. To get in, simply climb the ramp that led to the former car park… Read More
  • Buried Alive - Terrible enemies, some of whom are completely invisible, will be waiting for you inside this villa. Location The villa is located in the valley of millecampi, in the municipality of Codevigo. To enter you will have to pay attention to the neighbours who have called the Police several times, and… Read More
  • Toon World - When will my paintings see a new light, now that shrouded in mystery they are slowly disappearing? Perhaps my dwelling will become a work of art, and as in a painting it will house the viewer's gaze and unconscious. In the end, a painting always hides a lived story. Video… Read More
  • A tribute to consumerism - How many things are there that I want the most? Where will my nervous bulimia end? Video Location The abandoned villa is located between Bologna and Ferrara, in a remote country village. History The villa belonged to a certain Céline, a lady of French origin from the city of Arles.… Read More
  • “Prince Bagration” - There are many abandoned ships on the shore of Crimea, those this one is quite special and in this article we will tell you why. Position The ship "Prince Bagration" is located near the cape Meganom, in the city Sudak, Crimea. There are some guardians, who don't allow to come… Read More
  • Abandoned Hamlet of Monteruga - Monteruga, new spaghetti western by Sergio Leone with actors the famous and formidable Stalker. Video Location Monteruga is an abandoned hamlet situated between the countryside of San Pancrazio, Salice and Veglie in the province of Lecce. The entrance and the buildings are accessible and visitable even if everywhere there are… Read More
  • Villa Cerulli Bozzi Corso - A mirage in the steppe and windy lands of Salento appears before our eyes. Location The Villa is situated on the axis that leads from Lecce to Monteroni, crossing part of the Valley of the Cupa. The access to the Villa is free and can be made through a door… Read More
  • Velodrome Of Olives - "Saddle up, the gunboat!" Location The velodrome is located in Monteroni, not far from Lecce. To enter simply pass through a hole in the net. To go up the steps and the stands you'll have to work hard climbing the wall and using what you find as handholds. On the… Read More
  • The Hospitality of Santa Tecla - We take advantage of the extraordinary opening of the Garden of Alvise Cornaro to enter what was once the old people's home of S. Stefano and Pelatono school. Access The entrance doors to the hospice and the school were wide open, intriguing us to the point where we decided to… Read More
  • Church of the Savior of the Miraculous Image - What is more miraculous for you the place itself or the road to it? You can never know if the place will still be there when you arrive, how will be the road and what expects you there? This our trip was as well completely unpredictable... I was planning at… Read More
  • Wagon Cemetery - In the time of pandemic everything becomes abandoned, and in old wagons of trains new meaning appears... Location The cemetery of wagons is located in Ulyanovsk, Russia, not far from the river Sviyaga. There are no fences, and I didn't see any guardian, though maybe he was. Inside The "cemetery"… Read More
  • Church of the Resurrection - On the way back home I suddenly see something beautifully abandoned and I decide to leave the car. I have the special interest to old Russian forgotten churches, and I want to explore. Location The Resurrection Church is located in the village Ogarkovo, Yaroslavl region. It is in the middle… Read More
  • Villa of Bostelman - I think I felt in love with this villa immediately I saw it on the pictures. That's why there were no doubts that I go there even though it was a big adventure. Location Villa of Bostelman is located in Yaroslavl region, Russia. Just in 40 km from the city… Read More
  • Seminar of Tencarola - A private and intimate "tu per tu" with a skeleton of the past takes us into the greyer and more hidden meanders and corridors of the province of Padua. Location The Seminary is located in via Monte Grappa in Tencarola in the province of Padua. The access is easily accessible… Read More
  • Stock Exchange Hospital - This could be one of the best attractions in this small city located on the north from Moscow. Though happened what happened and it stays abandoned now. Location Exact address: Burlatskaya, 25. Rybinsk, Russia (located in 4-5 hours from Moscow). It is easy to get there from the city center… Read More
  • Ship Cemetery in Teriberka - One of the only villages by the North Arctic Ocean, whee tourists can come - Teriberka. One of the only places in Russia where people come not just to see sights, but as well to see abandoned places. Of course Stalker couldn't miss that opportunity - take a look on… Read More
  • Abandoned School in Teriberka - All Moscovites come here, in the small village Teriberka, to see all abandoned - people, roades, buildings, lifes. In Moscow there is another life, then here, on the edge of the world. Location This abandoned school is located in Teriberka, Murmansk region. It is easy to get in and out -… Read More
  • Greenhouse “Winter Garden” - Before there was official quarantine in Crimea, we flew there and immediately took a car to see an old dream - greenhouse "Winter Garden". Location Greenhouse is located in the city Partenit, on the territory of military sanatorium "Crimea". In normal times you can get inside trhough the normal entrance… Read More
  • Catacombs of Paris – Illegal Entry - Paris, the capital of love, at least on the surface... Video Introduction Entry to the catacombs is restricted. The part open to the public is only a small part of a vast network of tunnels that extends for about 280 kilometers. The tunnel system is complex, and although some tunnels… Read More
  • Catacombs of Paris – Museum - If the skull is facing the wall, it means that the person has committed sins in life, and therefore will go to hell. Video Position The Catacombs of Paris are an underground ossuary whose official name is "Ossuaire Municipal". They are located near Place Denfert-Rochereau, in the 14th arrondissement, on… Read More
  • Villa Bela Kiss - The dwelling remained empty for quite some time; it brings back the tragic story of bloody and ruthless murder. Location The villa is located on the border with the region of Île-de-France and Val-d'Oise, in a beautiful country village.   History In 1907 a Mr. "F" built this beautiful stone… Read More
  • Villa Persi French - Somewhere far-far in Uljanovsk there is a manor house full of secrets. Who lived here before, why they left, and who is now the invisible master of it?.. Location Villa Persi French is located in 100km far from Uljanovsk, Russia, in the village Terenga. It is easily accessible, there are… Read More
  • Castle of mirrors - All of a sudden the silence becomes deeper, and from one of the smooth ash-white walls comes out a red cast of a face. Video Location The abandoned castle is located not far from the border with the Île-de-France region. Entering the property and the interior of the villa is… Read More
  • The Human Zoo - A zoo of the past, where to be locked up in cages were not animals but people in the flesh. Video Location The zoo is located in the southeast corner of the Vincennes Park in Paris. Access is free. History Initially, in 1899, the garden was built with the intention… Read More
  • Sanatorium d’Aincourt - Bang, boom, pew! Pew, pew...boom! Watch out, grenade! Enemy sighted in the distance! Location The sanatorium is located in Aincourt. Aincourt is a French municipality located in the department of Val-d'Oise in the region of Île-de-France. Access can easily be made through a gap in the network next to the… Read More
  • Santa Pulcheria - Exhumed from the Priscilla catacombs, the relics of an Empress of the Orient still lie intact inside this abandoned villa. Video Position The Villa is located in province of Treviso. History The owners of the villa are not known. In 1700 it belonged to the Peruzzi family, then passed to… Read More
  • Mannequin Palace - Swimming in mud, in the past of Battaglia, dried up, reclaimed, renamed and then abandoned. Position The former INPS spa is located near the Battaglia Terme canal in the "ex INPS Pietro d'Abano" park. History Having drained and reclaimed the swampy areas, the town concentrated on the opportunity to make… Read More
  • Vorkutlag - For several months I dreamed about visiting Vorkuta and seeing what it is like to live in the Arctic Circle, where you can't get by car as there are no roads. And here I am, in the city of my dreams, which lives the same life as it did 50… Read More
  • Prison Upside Down - As if there had just been a mass exodus of prisoners, I suddenly come catapulted and thrown behind bars, deeper and deeper into the meanders of the prison. Position The prison is an hour's train ride from Paris. There is no guardian, just come in! History The prison was built… Read More
  • Fairytale in Disrepair - A parallel world full of hallucinations, magic and fairy tales. We found it, just 80 km from Moscow. Good characters always win in fairy tales, and who will win in this history? Position The camp is located in Dmitrovsky district, near the village of Gorki, in the urban settlement of… Read More
  • Villa of Killer Noblewoman - Sighs and whispers touch our ears. Soft and icy winds lean gently and at the same time vigorously on the neck, as if they were a knife sinking in butter. Position The abandoned villa is located in the Polesine, Italy. History One of the Renaissance villas inherited from the Venetian… Read More