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Stone Giants
Underwater Prison

Underwater Prison

Battery Jail

Battery Jail

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  • Bangkok Goldfish - When we arrived in Bangkok, we were like two fish pulled out of the water. After Siberia everything was different - heat, smells, colors, noises. But at least now it became much easier to visit abandoned places, the hands do not freeze after taking pictures and the feet do not … Read More
  • Let’s Fly to Irkutsk? - Visiting abandoned places in -30 probably is not the best idea? But this is our first time in Siberia, and who knows when will be the second time? Today, Stalker visits the abandoned buildings of the aviation school in Irkutsk - join us! Let us introduce the place firstly: in … Read More
  • Siberian Cold Wave - We move on .... and now the wind of the salty black sea brings us to the immobile calm lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world. A thick crust of ice allows us to move around this huge lake without any fear. We cross the Baikal from shore to … Read More
  • Club Galaktika - And the waves of the sea brought us into the abyss of a new abandoned galaxy. Position The abandoned disco is located in the seaside resort of Foros, in Crimea. Just before you go down the stairs that will lead you to the sea, on your left you will find … Read More
  • Abode of Foscolo - In a small village of 600 inhabitants, on a hill surrounded by cypress trees, stands the home of Foscolo, in memory of the probable stay of the poet and writer Ugo Foscolo. Position The villa was born on a hill in the countryside of the province of Padua. Getting there … Read More
  • Villa of Frescoes - They move swinging from one beam to another, from one wall to another wall, gracefully jumping and giving off light every time they fly. Position This beautiful villa overlooks the road, not far from the station of a small town on the slopes of the Euganean Hills. History We have … Read More
  • Paranormal Island – Poveglia - Ne fodias life functi contagio requescunt MDCCXCIII. Position Poveglia is an island in the Venetian Lagoon situated in the south, facing Malamocco along the Orfano Canal, which connects Malamocco's port with Venice. To reach it you must be equipped with a boat. In fact, only from the Lido of Venice … Read More
  • Petrol Storage “Braghetta” - What's the petrol like? - Horrible, I do not recommend to drink it! Position The Esso warehouse is located along the route that leads from Battaglia Terme to Padua. From the road, the plant can not be seen, half hidden by a hedge that has now grown out of all … Read More
  • How much abandoned is Helsinki? - When I was coming for my first time in Finland the first question was (as always), is there something of abandoned? Everyone was laughing! In Finland? In the country where land costs so much?! No way! But of course Stalker has found some and is ready to share it with … Read More
  • Villa Mocenigo – Mainardi - One of the most luxurious and important villas of Abano, host of various famous personalities such as the playwright and writer Carlo Goldoni, the poet, philosopher and writer Giacomo Leopardi and the writer, adventurer and poet Giacomo Casanova. Position The eighteenth century  Moceningo - Mainardi villa is located on the … Read More
  • Trip to Space - "We are ready to leave, Mr. President, we turn on the engines?" The operators ask the president. "Light up" Todor Zivkov replies coldly. Countdown: 10, 9, 8, 7 ... ..2, 1 ... .partence! And so it was that the spacecraft Buzludzha took flight for the deepest space. Position The Buzludhza … Read More
  • Battery Jail - I will remember Estonia for its abandoned prisons. This time we will talk about half-abandoned prison, located in the center of Tallinn. It was late evening when I finally reached Tallinn after visiting an abandoned underwater prison 60 km from the city. It was dark, but I still decided to see this … Read More
  • Stone Giants - The giants' voices leaped in the air to a height that none of us had ever dreamed of. They ran down the hill, cheerful, to the rhythm of Dimitri Shostakovich's symphony № 7. Until the center of Varna they runs through stories and moments that some have never forgotten. Position … Read More
  • Underwater Prison - Probably you have never been in the prison (and "thanks God", will you say ...)? Actually, I had such a strange dream and it was realized even twice during my travel around Estonia. -Come to Tallinn and I will show you a Soviet abandoned prison near the city. This was … Read More
  • Lion and Treasure - He is a lion, but also a guardian, because he sleeps with his eyes open; that is why it is placed in front of the doors of the temples. Position After the Old Post Office you will need to move a few hundred meters to get in front of the … Read More
  • Korduanovo Church - In Kazakhstan you can find many ghost towns. About one such Soviet town Zhanatas, we told in our last article. But there are many other small towns, which are very old and about which practically nothing is known. The name of the village of Korduan is mentioned in Internet just … Read More
  • Cling to a Fragment Torn from the Past - The time in Veliko Tarnovo crystallized around the post office, blocking at 7:04 of an indefinite day. Whoever breaks into this temporal dimension will consequently follow its rules and times. Position The post office is at the beginning of Samovodska Charshia, in front of the hotel Hadji Nikoli, in the … Read More
  • This is Halloween! - Today Stalker will introduce to you, dear friends and followers, the must top 5 places to visit during the night of Halloween. We are talking about some abandoned places that seriously will make you shit in your pants. We will come through BLACK MASSES, SATAN, GHOSTS, MASSACRES, TREMENDOUS MURDERS, ANY … Read More
  • Ghost town – Zhanatas - This summer, I traveled around almost whole Kazakhstan, and on my way now and then came across various abandoned cities. In the times of the USSR, the extraction of minerals was developing really fast, but  after the collapse of the soviet union, nothing because of money remain and everything fell … Read More
  • All that Glitters is not Gold - Is it abandoned or not? What will you say if I would tell you that we found an half abandoned stadium in Plovdiv? Position The abandoned stadium is located in Plovdiv, the historic capital of Thrace and the second city of the country after Sofia's capital. The stadium is out … Read More
  • You just Have to Trust your own Madness - The entering in the institution from the patient involves the immediate loss of certain references: "a series of self-humiliations, degradations and profanations" that gives rise to a radical change in his moral career. Video Location and Structure Granzatte's asylum is located in Via Vincenzo Chiurigi, Rovigo. The perimeter that delimits … Read More
  • Ghostbusters - For many of us, abandoned places are something of frightening, connected with terrible secrets, and of course ghosts... Many people visit these places to experience this "scary", and get a dose of adrenaline. When I came inside the hospital of veterans of the Great Patriotic War in Almaty, I  met … Read More
  • Time to Read Quran! - In the tourist Samarkand, where hundreds of foreign voices are heard everywhere, it seemed that you won't be able to find something abandoned. But abandoned sights are everywhere! We were convinced in this for one more time. We go around the old city, where only local residents live. Surprisingly, in … Read More
  • Oil Heart - Oil heart, eat well to feel fit. Position Today Stalker jumps the fence to enter the Chiari and Forti plant in Silea, province of Treviso. The former industrial area is large enough to be seen two, three km away. To enter you can easily go to the side of the … Read More
  • Behind the doors of a Psychiatric Hospital - The ideology that illustrates what is being done in the psychiatric institute as if it were designed to bring the patient back to the function is as old as the psychiatric institute Position The psychiatric hospital Antonio Pancrazio is located in Morocco, between the municipalities of Venice and Mogliano Veneto, … Read More
  • Castle of Sammezzano - While I was searching for different locations for my hitchhiking tour around Italy I suddenly stumbled upon the photograph of the castle of Sammezzano. It was then, after a little shock, when I immediately realized: I definitely want to go there. Multicolored rooms, orientally intricate patterns, the iridescent game of … Read More
  • Naked Gun - I cannot stand the life of a barracks, sleep with a bunch of men who snore, I can not stand to be awaken by a drummer playing the trumpet, and I do not want to wear a rough green-olive shirt. I have very sensitive skin. Position The former barracks are … Read More
  • Constanţa Casino - At that time, the inner habit of gambling - mixed with greed, fear and nervous tension - became intolerable. Location The Casino of Constanta (in Romanian: Cazinoul din Constanţa) is a casino located in Constanta, Romania, at Elisabeta Boulevard 2 along the Black Sea coast. Unfortunately, I did not have … Read More
  • Saint Petersburg Secrets - In a city where everything is beautiful, there must be also beautiful abandoned objects. This is what I was thinking about during my visit to St. Petersburg. My thoughts soon proved to be true. Even before the arrival, I found on the Internet a lot of different information about the … Read More
  • Testaments of Pupils - The last step and here are three rather ghostly figures appearing in front of us. A woman and a man, with a child centered in his cradle, slowly whisper our names ... Location The villa is located along the state road to Padua, in the hamlet of Motta d'Este.   … Read More
  • The Mediterranean Sky - A sleeping wreck, in the crystalline waters of Greece, following an exploration is shaken and finally awakened by the deep sleep. Position The wreck is in Greece, more precisely thirty miles from Athens in the bay of Eleusi. East to reach swimming, given the ridiculous distance from the coast. Being … Read More
  • At the Time of URSS - On the destroyed walls, on the trimmed and collapsed columns, with time has gently descended a whole hill, defending with the pity of pines the stones saved by the fury of men. Position The stadium is located in the center of Chişinău, easily visible from the street and hidden behind … Read More
  • Paper Plants - This place could be a museum, could be a place for gathering young people, could be an exhibition of modern art....somewhere in Europe. But in post-soviet Uzbekistan its staying abandoned already for 10 years, no one except guardians care about it. How to get in UzBum (Uzbek Bumaga = Paper) … Read More
  • Greetings to the Noble Court! - What is your talent? - I build big castles in the air. - And then? - I plug the ears for not hearing the noise they make collapsing. Position Invisible at first glance and yet so impressive, it is named by the small village where it is built, in the … Read More
  • Town of Balloons - An entertainment town, a small Las Vegas in the Brianza Mountains, an eccentric count and a tragic event of the nature. These destinies are intertwined to create what is today Consonno, the ghost town. Location Consonno is a hamlet of the municipality of Olginate, located at the extreme south of the … Read More
  • Jewish Cemetery - Being a small girl, I was always passing these two abandoned and forgotten by everyone cemeteries. But now we have Stalker, so it's time to catch the passing epoch, and leave some traces of it. How to reach Both of cemeteries are located not far from the city center of … Read More
  • Trip to Chernobyl: Part III - Finally, it's time for our last article in the series about visiting Chernobyl exclusion zone. This time we will tell you how to get to the Zone illegally and absolutely free of charge. How to Get in There are four ways to get inside the Zone, about which we know.  … Read More
  • Gagarin’s Past - Who could ever imagine, that the place that once established the man who made the first flight into space, Yuri Gagarin, will be abandoned? But the more we write about the abandoned places, the more we understand: nothing is impossible, everything can be abandoned, even once the best restaurant in … Read More
  • Treasures of the Little Prince - When the Little Prince was flying above these edges both cinema and the Fort, built during the Spanish occupation of Morocco, were alive. Maybe he was inside there, he watched movies, he talked with soldiers. Remember? He was so much curious about everything… Then Prince returns to his "asteroid 325", … Read More
  • Colonia Ca’Roman - This land until 1923 was deserted and malarial, with a twenty-year-old opera. prof. Alberto Graziani, hygienist in Padua, who reclaimed and redense it, transmitting the fruit of his fruitful work to the daughters of Maddalena of Canossa in 1941. Position Colonia Ca 'Roman is easily reachable by ferry by ferry, … Read More
  • House of Pioneers - In the post-Soviet space there were many children's camps, which after the collapse of the Union were not needed any more. Some of them have been bought by someone, some have been converted into modern recreation centers, and some simply stand still and are gradually decaying with grass and shoots. … Read More
  • Trip to Chernobyl: Part II - Today it's time to tell about the second way, how you can get to the Chernobyl exclusion zone. We know that this way is not quite for you, our lovely stalkers, but we still want to share with you this opportunity. Last time we wrote how to get to the … Read More
  • Green Theater - Music, history, mysticism - all is merged inside this quaint place, the history of which originates in the 12th century. Today we will visit Green theater, which is located in the heart of Ukraine - inside Kiev. How to get inside Green Theater is located near the Arsenalnaya metro station. … Read More
  • Trip to Chernobyl: Part I - Few of you know, but the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone can be visited for free and even legally. Today we will tell you about one of those ways. When we have heard that in the city Slavutych, in northern Ukraine,  there is a train to Chernobyl, we immediately went to this city. This trip … Read More
  • House of the Dead - In the countryside of Camposanto, the legend tells of a house of death where, anyone who set foot, is struck by the curse of the reaper. Location The house of death is only three minutes by car from Camposanto, in the province of Modena. Located in open country, only  a … Read More
  • City of Abandoned Hotels: VOL 2 - Two other huge blocks of cement rise up in the city of Montegrotto. Looking at the horizon, they question why the little beings of skin and bones no longer inhabit their cavities... We have already written the first article about three amazing abandoned hotels in Montegrotto/Abano Terme. Today we are … Read More
  • Laboratory Animals - Were you ever curious to see what people in laboratories do? Which experiments do they put on animals and what are their results? But of course we, mere mortals, will never see this. So all we need - is to wait when the laboratory becomes abandoned - and then... you are … Read More
  • Stolen from the Helpless - Probably you have heard some stories about Russian banditry, and what happens if one gangsta wants to take a pretty gorgeous place. We are Russians by ourselves, and we also know some stories. But even we were surprised to open out that it can happen like this. History Correction boarding … Read More
  • Sgaravatti’s Villa – Dondi timepiece - Camps everywhere, Exterminated fields that never end, Which sparkle with the florid of dawn, And they switch off with the death of the sun. Position The abandoned villa is located in Battaglie Terme. Taking the state road 16 direction Este-Padova you can see it on the opposite side of the … Read More
  • Welcome Back to School - In Russia, there are incredibly few abandoned buildings in which at least something has survived. Therefore, when you find one, you need to take your foot in your hands (or rather, charge the camera and take flashlights) and immediately go to the place. That's what we did today after yesterday's … Read More