Hansel and Gretel: continuation of a story

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Have you ever thought what happened with Hansel and Gretel after they have grown? We have tried to think about it and even found out the story that could be counted as the continuation of the well-known fairy tale of German origin, recorded by the Brothers Grimm. Events continued in Villa Estense, small town located near Padova, let’s take a look behind the scenes!



The house is located in Villa Estense. We have reached it by bike, starting from Este, and it took overall 20 minutes to reach it. There is no guard near house, and many holes in the fence, so you can easily come inside.

Though this time we will not give the exact address of this site as long as we want to avoid it from some vandals.


Okay, now we need to accept that our story is not about Hansel and Gretel but about two other siblings: Nelly and Alice.

Both teachers, they one day understood that they are fed up with this work, and decided to quit it for their passion: art. Their life was like a life of two Hermits, without any facilities, like water, electricity, gas. They never spoke with the inhabitants of their small country town. They were eating the food that grew up in their garden.

Alice was always in the house, while Nelly sometimes went to the local market to purchase some of their art-works in order to buy new paint. Then in 2007 Alice has died, and the destiny of Nelly is not well clear: some people say he is dead, somebody says he is still living in a home for the elderly.


Because of their strange way of life, there were some amount of rumors about this couple. Some people say that the garden enchanted and attracted some children to their home, who were once captured, then killed and eaten. It is also believed that the remains were buried in a mass grave in the back part of the garden.


The very first thought that comes to your mind after you are in, that you got into some kind of museum. Trees and weed which are growing spontaneously and rigorous are also part of this tune world.

On the terrace – full-dressed cat and rabbit, welcoming us to their house, then we saw some princes and princesses, different varieties of imaginative animals. Some of the statues are already in the bad condition, laying down on the floor, lacking some part.

Standing in the middle of the garden after a while is possible to hear some voices. Artworks, statues, paintings come to life and are talking, asking about your story and at the same time telling theirs.

Everything is alive! What the 2 artists put inside their works was their sole, and this is the soul of someone who dedicated all life to his/her passion.


Then we came inside…and the only word we could say was “woooow!”. All house is painted by various stories from the fairy-tales. As we were trying to identify them, we found out that Nelly and Alice were big fans of Hans Andersen!

More we went through, more “wow” just automatically flew down from our lips… In two different rooms we have found out two TVs. Let’s remind that Nelly and Alice didn’t have any electricity, so why the TVs were there? Just because they are also piece of design here, instead of the screens – two pictures of a man and a woman were drawn.

(“Why do you need television when you are already in world of fairy tales?..”).

From inside the house, through the windows,  was possible to see the “guardians” of the place. These small colorful men, kind of puppets could say, standing on some pedestals out of the entrance . I have to admit it that it was creepy and scary with low light.

The house contains two floors, and on the second floor we have found stairs to the roof with the stunning views of the surrounding area! (Unfortunately we were there in the evening, so there was just amazing view of trees and fog…).

In other room old clothes and old memories from age 80s were scattered everywhere.

We left this house late at night and the only one though that was in our minds when we were trying to reach Este by bike that today we have seen one of the most amazing and the most special places in our lives.

      The end!

…PS: Fact that happened to Jacopo

When he was younger, 10 years ago, accidentally he reached this house with one of his friend. Thinking it was abandoned they decided to try to get inside but all the doors were locked. After few minutes an old man came out from the window screaming something like: “no-no, go away from here, go to hell”.

Just now he understand who was that man…Nelly!! Tetterettteeee. ..Tetterettteeee! Fu! Stalker was the first at discover this amazing place! All the copyrights to us thank youuuu.

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