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On this page we will post OUR most favorite an interesting abandoned places around world that we have ever seen. Check it out – maybe you can get inspired and gane some ideas for a new travel?

First place is given to an abandoned city Chernobyl. You all heard about it and so there is no need to introduce it.

The second place goes to abandoned island Poveglia. For us it could be compared with Chernobyl. There is nothing left but the unique atmosphere. How many rumors have you heard about this place and what is true in the end? Check it out together with us!


Buzludzha in Bulgaria was certainly the place we enjoyed visiting! That’s why the third place goes to it. It is dedicated to the beginning of the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party. “Proletarians of all countries, unite!” – what you could hear quite often here, but now here is piece and silence.

Would you like to visit a prison? It was my dream and I managed to do it in Estonia. An underwater prison is must-see place in this country and our forth place is given to it! Visit it as well not just for abandoned but for a beautiful nature around.

On the fifth place is ther asylum of Granzette, situated in Italy. Before italians were doing here some experiments on mad people, and then in 90-s asylum suddenly stopped operating, and doctors went away from there without anything. So now you can find inside lots of documents, X-rays, medical cards. The place has its special atmosphere, full of mystery and ghosts. Some people even believe that the german treasures are hidden there.


Spreepark in Germany takes the sixth place in our TOP. This place is amazing due to several reasons: first of all, it is really hard to get inside. And forbidden fruit is really sweet! Secondly, it is an amusement park! You can go there, and feel yourself again as a child: you can play everywhere, take the ride on the huge Ferris wheel, come inside different trailers. Unfortunately now it is a little things let inside, but still this place is worth to visit.

Seventh place of our rate is given to the Artist’s house in Italy. The story of two siblings who stay behind the house reminded us the story of Hansel and Gretel of Brothers Grimm. The house is amazing due to different statues and paintings that are left as they were done.

Sorry guys, but our heart belongs to Italy as the most beautiful places you can find just there! So the eights place goes to the Castle of Sammezzano. 365 rooms in oriental style, colours, lights…everything make this place amazing. It will be hard to get inside, but nothing is impossible!

Ninth place also belongs to Italy! (again sorry to other countries!). There is a castle of Galeazza that caught our attention. Books, lots of old staff, beautiful interior… do we need to say something more?

Let’s add a little bit of Africa in this list? The last place in out top goes to Casa del Mar in Morocco. It touched our hearts and left a sign there… this is a house where you can escape the city and dive into the tranquil surroundings, enjoy the ocean, enjoy the sun. We loved it and hope you will as well!


Guys! tell us in comments which are YOUR favourite abandoned places to visit! We are really curious and we want to get inspired as well!!! Thank you beforehand!


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